If Your CEO Does Not Think Employee Engagement Matters, Read This

I regularly receive phone calls from senior leaders, who share that they have a poor culture and need help.  However, before I ask my first question, more often than not, they add that the CEO is not on-board: even though the top dog can see the problems, he/she does not think that improving the culture will positively impact their company. My advice?  If you know your organization needs to embark on an employee engagement journey but [...]

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Trust is a Must. Does It Exist in Your Organization?

According to Ethan Wolff-Mann, a reporter for Yahoo! Finance, one of the biggest lessons consumers have learned is that your data is probably not safe.  CSIS reports that two-thirds of people who interact online have had their records stolen or compromised. Identity theft is the most common type of data breach incident, accounting for 59 percent of all global data breaches. And it’s a costly endeavor.  Per the 2019 Cost of Data Breach Report from Ponemon [...]

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Your Smartphone is Killing Your People Skills – How to Stop the Madness

According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, the saturation of smartphones in rich countries, along with increasing prices, and only incremental improvements, have meant plummeting sales of the devices. Although half of the world’s population has a smartphone, increasing concerns about smartphone addiction are driving device makers to develop the next “society-shifting” technology, which will offer convenience but may or may not reside in our pockets.  Music to my ears, as in my opinion, [...]

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How the New ‘Lack of Loyalty’ Impacts Your Brand

Brand loyalty.  Historically, customers rewarded consumer product companies with their consistent purchases.  But times have changed.  According to Catalina, a consumer loyalty firm, 90% of the leading household goods brands are losing market share.  Why?  Consumers are not as loyal to brands as they once were because ‘loyalty’ is no longer relevant. Today, loyalty means remaining the same and not exploring alternatives in a world where options are limitless, and this does not excite young people.  [...]

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The No. 1 Work Stressor Is…

Based on new research from search platform Comparably, having unclear goals is the No. 1 source of stress at work. Rounding out the top stressors? Commuting, a bad boss, no room to move up in the organization, and long hours on the job. In addition to causing employees to get stressed out, unclear goals also drives employee disengagement. Why? Because when a person doesn’t know what they are working toward, they do not feel they are [...]

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A Long Uncertain Road Ahead as it Relates to Office Re-Openings

New research from The Conference Board tells us that only 59 percent of U.S. organizations that participated in their recent study surveyed employees about their level of readiness and comfort returning to a physical workspace. Although we all hope to achieve a new normal sooner rather than later, the survey results suggest that we may be in for a long, uncertain road ahead: 39 percent of U.S. companies plan to reopen by the first quarter of [...]

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