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How Puppies and Kittens Breed Business Success

Want your kid to be the next Jack Welch or Nancy Pelosi?  According to a study by Kelton Research, you should get them a pet.  A whopping 93 percent of C-suite executives grew up with a pet, according to the research, and 78 percent of executives attribute their success to their childhood furry friend, with almost a quarter saying their first pet taught them more than their first internship. Add to this the fact that 62 percent of those surveyed said they’ve become closer to co-workers thanks to pet ownership and 77 percent say they’ve had a big idea while walking their dog, and the case for pet ownership seems undeniable.  And it seems people are catching on.  Pet adoption, sales, and ownership have soared during COVID, as people are craving connection. reports that there [...]

How HR Professionals Can Earn a Seat at the Adult’s Table

In November every year, Americans gather for Thanksgiving, a family ritual where everyone eats, watches U.S. football, and speaks about what they are grateful for.  These gatherings can be quite large, so the adults sit at the dining room table and the children [...]

Make Yourself a Priority and Watch Your Results Soar

CNN interviewed a young guy who started a junk removal business with a beat-up truck.  Entrepreneur Brian Scudamore now owns four brands with 250 franchises across the United States, Canada and Australia.  Recall 1-800-GOT-JUNK?  That’s him and his 5,000 employees, who will haul [...]

95 Percent of People Say This Would Make Them Happier at Work

According to a survey by the career website Flexjobs, 95 percent of people say having a more flexible job would make them happier.  Why?  From giving them more time, to take care of themselves, to decreasing their overall stress levels, to enabling them [...]

Want to Succeed? Narrow Your Focus

One of the best business books I’ve read is THE ONE THING, which outlines the surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results.  The premise is that if you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one (Russian Proverb).  In order to succeed you [...]

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How to Create a Culture

Driven by Employee

Engagement – CEO of Kount

As the founding CEO of Kount, a company that’s seen 40% growth in its employee base in the past six months, I’m often asked what drives Kount’s outstanding achievements as a leading innovator of solutions for fraud and risk management. My answer is always the same: Kount’s corporate culture of open, honest, and fearless communication is critical to our company’s success