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Stay connected from anywhere!

In the Office

Workplaces get busy. It’s easy for managers to go a whole day and not know what a terrific job their employees are doing. However, this is where peer-to-peer recognition will reward those who are excelling in their jobs by their coworkers!

Working from Home

In today’s work climate, we know employees working from home need to feel they are connected & appreciated by one another. The EmpowerPoints Platform gives them a rewarding outlet to let your team build that positive relationship.

On the Go

We can’t always be in one place all the time. We know a best-in-class employee experience platform needs to be built with flexibility for those on the move. That’s why Empowerpoints is available on the devices your team has available.

Human Connections, Measurable Results

Unleash the power of human connection and behavior to

transform the way you work, enhance the employee

experience, and grow your business.





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We Change Lives

Let’s face it, your employees spend much of their lives in the workplace.

Improve your culture and you change their lives.

R.O.E .

What does your return on Engagement look like?


Improves productivity by improving morale

Brings unity & consistancy to all recognition

Reduces Turnover

Opens a dialog for input & feedback from employees

Encourages healthier living

EmpowerPoints brings it all together!

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Can We Help Answer Any Questions?

Is there a free trial available?

Yes. A free 60 day trial of EmpowerPoints is available for any organization. Click here to contact an on-boarding specialist.

Is there a minimum commitment?

No. EmpowerPoints does not require a minimum commitment.

Can we customize and skin the application to match our corporate branding?

Yes, you can completely customize all colors, buttons and even add your own logo. One of our on-boarding specialists can assist you if you need any assistance in this area.

Can EmpowerPoints integrate with an HRIS system?

Yes we can integrate into any other system that has a documented API.

Can EmpowerPoints integrate with Office 365?

Yes, EmpowerPoints is fully integrated with Office 365. Enjoy the benefits of single sign-on, and publishing your feed to Yammer among many other benefits.

Can recognition awards be customized?

Yes, every aspect of EmpowerPoints is customizable. All awards and recognition capabilities are designed to be tailored to your culture.

Do companies purchase points to give to their employees?

No, companies have an unlimited number of points that they can distribute to employees or allow employees to give to each other. Companies are only billed when an employee redeems an item out of the catalog.

Do points have a set value?

Each company can set their own value and purchasing power for points. All items in the catalog can also have custom prices giving you maximum control of points, values and point redemptions.

Can we add our own items to the catalog?

Yes the catalog is completely flexible for you to add anything you wish or you can select from a wide array of items that EmpowerPoints will fulfill if you wish.

Do we have to purchase items up front to place them in our catalog?

No, for items you will fulfill yourself, you will manage your own inventory. For items that are ordered from the EmpowerPoints catalog you will be billed upon the order being placed.

Is there an API for EmpowerPoints?

Yes. Please speak to one of our on-boarding specialists for more information about our API.