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Why You Must Hang on to Your Average Achievers With Your Life

I read a fascinating article on the Ladders $100K+ Club website, which states that the employees you should worry about losing are the average ones – the large group of ‘middle’ employees, or Average Achievers. Most work groups consist of a handful of high performers, many average employees, and a handful of under achievers. Most supervisors spend their time focusing on their top and low performers, which the article points out, is a mistake. Why? Because your top performers are already self-motivated and your low performers may not improve even with lots of time, attention, and training. In essence, low performers can be a black hole for investing organizational resources, as they will probably not be around long (unless they are protected from being fired). A better strategy is to focus primarily on the Average Achievers [...]

Did You Make the Right Career Choice? Most Say, “No”

A poll asked the question, “Would you choose the same career if you could do it over again?”  Believe it or not, 70 percent of respondents said, “No.” As someone who lives, eats, and breathes employee engagement, I can’t help but wonder [...]

Help Employees Learn Faster by Using Two Simple Tips

People learn and grow at a different pace. So how do you help an employee who isn’t learning fast enough? According to Executive Coach Anne Sugar, there are two actions that you can take to close the learning gap, since it’s your responsibility [...]

Plagued by Turnover? You Are Not Alone

It’s no secret that companies in every industry are having issues finding, attracting, and hiring great talent. While the jury is out as to why this is happening, one thing is for sure – once you find a ‘keeper,’ it’s in your best [...]

Unlimited Paid Vacation: Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be

According to a survey by MetLife, the most coveted employee benefit is free time.  Unlimited paid vacation is the most desired benefit, with 72 percent of workers surveyed saying they’d want it over things like rewards for healthy living, paid sabbaticals, or on-site [...]

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How to Create a Culture

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Engagement – CEO of Kount

As the founding CEO of Kount, a company that’s seen 40% growth in its employee base in the past six months, I’m often asked what drives Kount’s outstanding achievements as a leading innovator of solutions for fraud and risk management. My answer is always the same: Kount’s corporate culture of open, honest, and fearless communication is critical to our company’s success