To Harness Your Corporate Culture to Improve Your Bottom Line

Founded in 2007 EmpowerPoints was first created to improve the culture of one office in Boise, Idaho that suffered from a toxic work environment. Little did they know that this would lead to a wealth of understanding into what went wrong in the first place.

From that small beginning the founders began to examine what went wrong, how it happened and what could be done to bring real lasting change. Over the course of many years working with just one company, the team at EmpowerPoints began to create tools for leaders to understand their workforce and implement strategies and systems to improve the overall employee experience.

Today EmpowerPoints offers an array of tools and services designed to help companies understand their employees in a meaningful way and we don’t stop there. EmpowerPoints then offers the necessary systems to help companies improve their culture.

We at EmpowerPoints are culture aficionados and specialize in developing and deploying real-life, easy to adopt systems, programs, and solutions that drive optimal organizational culture.

Chances are you, or your business, are victims of a worldwide epidemic. Astoundingly, a recent Gallup poll of over 150,000 participants found that only 13 percent of employees worldwide are “engaged” in their job, or emotionally invested in their work and focused on helping their organizations improve. In other words, 83 percent of our global workforce dreads going to work! Pretty scary stuff eh? This epidemic is costing America alone between $450 and $650 billion each year in lost productivity…how much of that is yours? And just as scary, given the amount of time, energy, and resources companies commit to this, is that these numbers have not improved since 2000.

Confronting this brutal reality and driving meaningful change in organizations of all sizes is the very reason that EmpowerPoints exists: to make the workplace feel a lot less like work! You see, at EmpowerPoints, our belief is that we all fundamentally want to be successful and MASH (Make Awesome Stuff Happen). The problem is the vast majority of people feel under-valued and under-appreciated at work, thus stifling that innate desire to be stellar. Therein lies the cure…being able to consistently identify, celebrate, and therefore duplicate the good that people are doing.


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