A single dashboard covering all aspects of employee wellness and recognition

The evidence is overwhelming: Healthier employees are more productive than their unhealthy counterparts. And increased productivity goes straight to your bottom line. The EmpowerPoints platform is a powerful tool for tracking healthy habits and rewarding employees who pursue them. It doesn’t matter if those employees are undertaking modest wellness improvements or embarking on a life-changing transformation—the platform can be customized to reward whatever activities your company and employees deem the most valuable. No more juggling multiple wellness-tracking efforts inside your company, either, which is a waste of time and money. EmpowerPoints consolidates everything in one easy-to-use platfor

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EmpowerPoints Wellness+:

360-degree Health Engagement

Corporate wellness” is a popular buzz-phrase, especially of late. As healthcare costs soar – and sick days drain productivity – business owners and managers are realizing that the health and wellness of employees is correlated directly with the health of the enterprise.

We’re probably not telling you anything you don’t already know here. In fact, based on surveys, an astounding 93 percent of employers believe that healthier employees are more productive.

What you might NOT know is how best to address this critical need. EmpowerPoints Wellness+ is the perfect solution.

Reward employees for healthy behaviors – on their terms and at their pace

Reward employees for small, incremental activities that collectively make a
big difference on their health and happiness

Customize your system to include the activities and events that are
most meaningful to your team

Access everything from one easy-to-use system

Allow employees to track activities and accomplishments using the
EmpowerPoints mobile ap

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EmpowerPoints is an amazing program! On top of making me feel good about the job I’d done, it allowed me, a single parent the opportunity to “earn” gift cards that I could then use for mommy-daughter dates! I highly recommend this program, it’s a win-win all around!

Kristen Berry

EmpowerPoints is a great system that has allowed us to easily deploy and manage our associate recognition program.  It allows our associates to acknowledge fellow associates who have gone above and beyond to achieve our company’s Vision and Mission.

Chanda Noe

EmpowerPoints makes it extremely easy to say thank you within the workplace. Something that, if it happens, can change the vibe of an office. I’d recommend EmpowerPoints to any organization that wants happy employees.

Brian Neville