Yes…there IS an app for that! If you want a program to be actively embraced in today’s high-tech world, there must be an application for it. EmpowerPoints Mobile has native Android and iOS apps that make rewarding and redeeming points easy for both you and your employees. The convenience of our mobile platform increases user participation, and ensures the adoptability of your EmpowerPoints program:

  • Any user can download our app from their store and begin using EmpowerPoints anywhere, anytime.
  • You can award points to employees on-the-go, using any mobile device.
  • Employees receive alerts and notifications when points have been awarded, inspiring them to keep up the good work they’re doing.
  • Both in-office employees and remote workers can find the perfect reward by redeeming EmpowerPoints from their mobile devices.
  • The magic of EmpowerPoints transcends business hours by making it possible to access and use the rewards program anywhere, anytime.
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EmpowerPoints is an amazing program! On top of making me feel good about the job I’d done, it allowed me, a single parent the opportunity to “earn” gift cards that I could then use for mommy-daughter dates! I highly recommend this program, it’s a win-win all around!

Kristen Berry

EmpowerPoints is a great system that has allowed us to easily deploy and manage our associate recognition program.  It allows our associates to acknowledge fellow associates who have gone above and beyond to achieve our company’s Vision and Mission.

Chanda Noe

EmpowerPoints makes it extremely easy to say thank you within the workplace. Something that, if it happens, can change the vibe of an office. I’d recommend EmpowerPoints to any organization that wants happy employees.

Brian Neville