Your EmpowerPoints, Your Business… Your Way

You have spent countless hours building your business and your brand. It is something to be proud of, and you undoubtedly want a rewards solution that represents your unique brand. With EmpowerPoints, you can customize the system in virtually every way. This means your employees will even be able to use EmpowerPoints to redeem rewards unique to your own culture.

We have tailored our reward catalog and fulfillment to be just as flexible as our awards and recognition. Choose to offer instantly available items from the world’s most popular brands to sporting event tickets for the home team. Offer your own supplied items, give gift cards, quick cash bonuses, or easy nonprofit donations.

When it comes to your fulfillment options, those are flexible too! We individualize the EmpowerPoints fulfillment based on what makes the best fit for you and your team.

  • Build a custom catalog with the perfect items to reward your employees.
  • Customize award types and categories to align them with your organizational priorities.
  • Establish your own limits and awarding guidelines to ensure predictability of cost.
  • Create custom catalogs for teams, groups, and divisions that align with your organizational layout and hierarchy.