Can you improve your company culture and employee engagement without the ability to quantify just how engaged and satisfied your employees are? Perhaps. But it certainly is a lot more challenging.

We’re of the mind that you can’t win the game if you don’t keep score.

One common method for trying to quantify and define engagement is to provide employees with an annual engagement survey. Unfortunately, this strategy comes at a significant cost. More problematic is the fact that this only provides a snapshot of employee engagement at a given moment. While this may be better than doing nothing, EmpowerPoints offers a better way to quantify employee engagement. deterioration.

EmpowerPoints Employee Surveys is a superior means of surveying your employees and assessing their engagement levels. The EmpowerPoints system asks your employees one simple question each week when they log in using their computer, tablet, or phone. This makes employees are much more likely to participate. What’s more, employee responses are anonymous, which allows for honest feedback and further encourages participation.

You can quickly identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities within your organization. The weekly approach to employee surveys gives you a clearer, more accurate depiction of engagement and culture at a given moment—and, more important, over time. Every six months or so, the same questions reappear, allowing you to see how employee attitudes toward the workplace are trending.

  • Offer a rewards system that’s multi-functional
  • Solicit honest feedback by ensuring anonymity
  • Track trends and identify opportunities
  • Make it easy for employees to respond through computers, tablets, or mobile devices.
  • Enjoy real-time reporting that provides you with critical engagement insights at any time