Employee Recognition:


Remember how great it felt to be recognized for your efforts during your career? You probably left work that day with your chin up and a spring in your step. We’re guessing that self-esteem boost carried over to your personal life when you arrived home, too.

Your organization’s employees are no different. EVERYONE likes being rewarded for a job well done, whether the kudos come from a boss, a peer, or one of your direct reports. Numerous studies have proven this, but let’s face it: It’s human nature to enjoy a pat on the back at work.

So, what’s the best way to recognize employees? The fact that you’re here suggests you’re not 100-percent sold on your current approach. If so, you came to the right place. We can help!

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Our team will work with you to identify unique opportunities that can lead to an amazingly engaged culture for employees, managers, and executives alike. Maybe the perfect solution for your organization is a simple yet affordable tool for a peer-to-peer recognition. Or maybe your organization is larger, requiring a more diverse suite of tools. Regardless, EmpowerPoints can be configured to match your exact needs.

EmpowerPoints gives your team the ability to recognize, reward, report, gamify and improve their daily experience driving both their success and their engagement in the workplace. This flexible and affordable system includes an online, mobile and native application putting the recognition into the hands of those who know best.

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Allow employees to recognize one another’s accomplishments

Allow managers to recognize employees

Track employee service anniversaries

Feature standout employees for their achievements

Recognize employees who meet their goals

Tap into the game-changing ideas of your employees

Harmonize all your Idea Generation, Wellness and Healthcare Programs


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EmpowerPoints is an amazing program! On top of making me feel good about the job I’d done, it allowed me, a single parent the opportunity to “earn” gift cards that I could then use for mommy-daughter dates! I highly recommend this program, it’s a win-win all around!

Kristen Berry

EmpowerPoints is a great system that has allowed us to easily deploy and manage our associate recognition program.  It allows our associates to acknowledge fellow associates who have gone above and beyond to achieve our company’s Vision and Mission.

Chanda Noe

EmpowerPoints makes it extremely easy to say thank you within the workplace. Something that, if it happens, can change the vibe of an office. I’d recommend EmpowerPoints to any organization that wants happy employees.

Brian Neville