Your EmpowerPoints

Your Business…Your Way

You have spent countless hours building your business and your brand.  It is something to be proud of, and you undoubtedly want a rewards solution that represents your unique brand.  With EmpowerPoints, you can customize the system in virtually every way.

  • Match the systems look with your colors, your logo, and your style.
  • Give each employee the ability and freedom to add a custom profile picture to their account.
  • Build a custom catalog with the perfect items to reward your team.
  • Customize award types and categories to align them with your organizational priorities.
  • Establish your own limits and awarding guidelines to ensure predictability of cost.
  • Create custom teams, groups, and divisions that align with your organizational layout and hierarchy.
  • Create your own survey questions in EmpowerPoints Vue to gather important feedback on your business’ critical priorities.
  • Tailor your EmpowerPoints Wellness+ to include and reward the activities and events that will motivate your team to be healthy and active.