An employee-recognition system that’s unified, comprehensive, scalable

If you’re like many employers, your employee recognition tools are probably a hodgepodge. They don’t provide real-time feedback. They’re not fully integrated. In fact, they’re typically too time-consuming for HR and employees alike—if they are being used at all.

EmpowerPoints gives your team the ability to recognize, reward, report, gamify, and improve their daily experience driving both their success and their engagement in the workplace. This flexible and affordable system includes an online, mobile, and native application putting the recognition into the hands of those who know best.

Customize every element to create a unique recognition system

Allow employees to recognize one another’s accomplishments

Allow managers to recognize employees

Track employee service anniversaries

Feature standout employees for their achievements

Recognize employees who meet their goals

“EmpowerPoints is a great system that has allowed us to easily deploy and manage our associate recognition program. It allows our associates to acknowledge fellow associates who have gone above and beyond to achieve our company’s Vision and Mission.”

Chanda Noe, Eagle Home Mortgage
Recognition System
Answer Survey To Earn Points

An employee surveying system that’s easy to use for HR professionals and employees alike

If employees bypass internal surveys, the only information you’ve gleaned is that your survey system is ineffective. Chances are, employees think it’s bothersome and difficult to use. They may feel like no one’s listening, anyway, so why bother? They might even think their responses are not secure or anonymous.

EmpowerPoints makes it easy and even fun for your employees to participate in surveys. They only need to answer one question a week. Armed with this feedback, the HR pro can see how company morale is evolving week by week, rather than retrospectively—when it’s typically too late. This tool can also make an already healthy work environment an even better one without over-complicating things. It allows you to ride the wave of an already thriving workforce and keep the momentum swinging in a healthy direction without asking too much from the employee.

Employee Satisfaction & Engagement

A single dashboard covering all aspects of employee wellness and recognition

The evidence is overwhelming: Healthier employees are more productive than their unhealthy counterparts. And increased productivity goes straight to your bottom line. The EmpowerPoints platform is a powerful tool for tracking healthy habits and rewarding employees who pursue them. It doesn’t matter if those employees are undertaking modest wellness improvements or embarking on a life-changing transformation—the platform can be customized to reward whatever activities your company and employees deem the most valuable. No more juggling multiple wellness-tracking efforts inside your company, either, which is a waste of time and money. EmpowerPoints consolidates everything in one easy-to-use platfor

“EmpowerPoints Wellness transformed the way our employees participated in our wellness plan. We went from 5% employee participation to 75% employee participation. I can’t say enough how this has helped our culture.”

Curt Tegeler, WebMax
Singniture Dashboard

An electronic suggestion box giving employees a real voice in their work life

Unlock the money-saving potential of your people without the hassle of managing a physical inbox. Establish guidelines and designate moderators to manage ideas in real time, all while providing flexible incentives for participation. Rich “up” voting and commenting features make EmpowerPoints as fun to use as popular social media platforms.

Employees value being valued and knowing they are in a stable environment. EmpowerPoints helps foster that feeling of stability throughout your organization.

“EmpowerPoints is an amazing program! On top of making me feel good about the job I’d done, it allowed me, a single parent the opportunity to “earn” gift cards that I could then use for mommy-daughter dates! I highly recommend this program, it’s a win-win all around!”

AuthorKristen Berry, MetLife
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An app that makes recognition easy and fun

The EmpowerPoints app is a game changer. Go mobile with native Apple and Android applications. This makes using the system a breeze for employees

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Empowerpoints App
Remote Analytics

Analytics that remove the guesswork from employee morale and recognition

Your most valuable assets drive to and from work every day. Maximize this investment by making sure you know what employees are thinking and feeling week to week. EmpowerPoints allows you to access numerous reports quickly and easily.