Paul Long’s F.U.N. system is no joke—and it could be just what your workforce needs to step up their game

When Paul Long started his first job, fresh out of college, his coworkers nicknamed him Tigger, after the Winnie the Pooh character. It was a not-so-subtle dig at his seemingly boundless energy, an attribute which seemed totally out of place in an office full of insurance underwriters.

“Give it time,” they said. “This place will get to him.”

It’s the all-too-common refrain in many business environments: Work is serious, hard, joyless…drudgery. Fun is what you experience in the evenings or weekends, after you leave the office.

One corollary: Fun has no place in your place of business.

If your corporate culture reflects this refrain, chances are you have a highly disengaged workforce. What’s more, you probably have trouble retaining your disgruntled employees.

Today, Long gives presentations on the need to introduce fun into your workplace. He’s even turned that word in an acronym: F.U.N. In his words, here are what the three letters stand for:


In order to achieve maximum fulfillment in life or the workplace, one must have a comprehensive grasp and acceptance of their true self. This holds true for both individuals and organizations. Specifically, how is your personality or the identity of your organization best defined? How do you communicate? What motivates you? What are your top personality strengths and where are your areas of opportunity?

  • Understanding Others
  • If you’re looking for stronger relationships in your personal or business life, it’s critical to have a strong understanding of others. In order to have stronger employee or customer relationships, one has to explore the possibility of different perspectives. How do other personalities differ from yours? As a result of those differences, how should your communication style differ based on those with whom your talking? Understanding others is heavily dependent on perspective. Consistently being present in conversation, heightened awareness of how others live and being genuine in your interest of those in which you interact will help provide more fruitful personal and business relationships

Next Steps

Once you have a solid grasp of your foundation and a better understanding of others, you can start to identify the next steps necessary to create a higher level of consciousness and enlightenment while bringing more F.U.N. to your day. In addition, you will be far better equipped to showcase strengths.

Long’s acronym is a great lens through which to view your company and your employees, and to gauge how aligned they are. F.U.N. is relevant to any organization looking to improve employee engagement, keep folks from walking out the door in a hyper-competitive job market like today’s, and boost morale. ]

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