What People Really Want at Work

I read a Forbes article about the linkage between common sense and great cultures.  The author points out that many top leaders forget to consult their common sense when figuring out how to lead other people.  In forgetting, leaders make things far more complicated than they need to be and risk creating a disengaging, demeaning work culture. I have seen this scenario play out firsthand in countless companies during my career, which is why I created [...]

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Buffett & Gates Open Up: The Key to Success

Warren Buffett and Bill Gates – arguably two of the most successful businessmen in the world – agree on the one thing that drove their success: They did something they enjoyed.  Buffett invests and finds good deals and Gates builds computers and software. Buffet, chairman of Omaha-based Berkshire Hathaway, said it’s critical to choose a profession or vocation that you love. “Being successful in almost anything means having a passion for it,” Buffett said. “Successful people [...]

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What Are Turbulent Weather Events Trying to Tell Us?

I’ve read many articles recently linking the multiple turbulent weather events to global warming.  However, I believe there is a deeper meaning and connection, that few people are noticing and it’s called apocalypse.  The word does not mean the end of the world, but an uncovering or revelation.  And what is that revelation?  I believe the natural disasters we are experiencing should be viewed as a wake-up call that there needs to be a shift in [...]

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How to Differentiate Your Organization in a Tight Labor Market

When it comes to hiring the best and brightest workers, it’s a cut-throat world out there.  What can you do as an employer to stand out?  According to Millennials, offer career advancement, and perks that help limit out-of-pocket costs while promoting a healthier, less-stressful lifestyle. From helping employees pay off student loans, to instituting flexible work weeks and unlimited vacation days, firms know that today’s job market is tight.  Employers are pulling out all the stops [...]

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Your Pets Are Engaged, So Why Aren’t Your Employees?

Although I love the adventure of traveling around the world speaking about how to create an amazing workplace culture, my favorite part of every trip is returning home. Why?  Because without fail, my pets greet me at the door with unbridled excitement and unconditional love.  Regardless of the time I walk in, they are there to welcome me home and put a smile on my face.  When I arrived home from Charleston last week late at [...]

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The Bill Clinton Method Cheat Sheet

In survey after survey, when employees are asked their preferred method to receive information, 70 percent select face-to-face small team meeting or one-on-one conversation. So although our world is inundated with ways to communicate electronically, people still prefer to connect live. The need for us to interact with another human being is alive and well, and there’s a person among us who has it mastered. Regardless of your political affiliation and stance on politics, Bill Clinton [...]

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