Interrupted in Meetings? Do This to Regain Control

I like to share information that helps people, so Kathryn Vasel’s article about what to do when you are cut off in a meeting caught my eye. Why is this an issue? Because if you are constantly being interrupted and don’t regain control, you may not be seen as adding value. A writer at CNN Business, Vasel shares tips to “regain your ground without causing tension.” Don’t assume ill intent. The interrupter doesn’t always have malicious intentions. [...]

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Do You Value Your Values or Are They Just Words on a Wall?

According to a Wall Street Journal and NBC News poll, patriotism, religion and having children are not as important to Americans as they were decades ago. The change is driven by Millennials and Gen Zers, who don’t rank those values as high as older generations. Despite the generational gaps, Americans of all ages rank the value working hard higher than everything else. As I read the study, I thought about the importance of corporate values, and an organization [...]

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Leaders, Take a Lesson from Chick-fil-A’s Teenagers

As I was eating my chicken tenders recently at Chick-fil-A, I noticed a teenager walking around the restaurant stopping at every table to ask if there was anything he could do to make that guest’s stay more pleasant. Be it refill their drink, get another packet of honey mustard sauce, or whatever. How did this make me and every other guest feel? Cared for, special, like a valued customer. Then I wondered: how much better would [...]

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How to ID and Manage Toxic Employees

As reported by Scott Mautz, author of Find the Fire and Make It Matter, 76 percent of bosses are considered toxic by their employees. How do you spot the worst offenders? A Harvard Study provides some tips, documenting two of the biggest red flags: 1. An excessively high level of self-centeredness. These people don’t care about others or how their behavior affects people. Personally, I don’t think most people don’t care about others. I think most people are [...]

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While This is an Interesting Interview Tactic, It Doesn’t Reflect Reality

I read a fascinating article by Bill Murphy, author of The Joy of Quitting, in which he analyzes Mary Barra’s interview process. Barra, CEO and chairman of General Motors, has three questions that she always asks during job interviews: How would your peers describe you in three adjectives? How would your supervisor describe you in three adjectives? How would people who’ve worked for you describe you in three adjectives? Barra says that ideally, you don’t want the adjectives to [...]

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There’s a New Q in Town: AQ. Curious?

IQ and EQ are familiar concepts to most people, but there’s a new Q in town: AQ – otherwise known as Adaptability Quotient. According to scientists, it’s becoming the X-factor for career success and can be developed over time. Adaptability is defined as the quality of being able to adjust to new conditions. A footnote in the definition says: Adaptability is an advantage in the harshly competitive global economy. So how does one learn to be [...]

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