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Leadership lessons from the Disney Institute are brilliant, so today we are tapping them for thoughts on empowerment.

One constant at Walt Disney’s Parks and Resorts is the level of service Cast Members (employees) are known for providing.  As the Disney Institute tells it, “From the start, Walt knew how important it was to empower his Cast Members to strive for excellence and deliver outstanding service to each and every Guest.”  Walt echoed this refrain, saying, “You can dream, create, design, and build the most wonderful place in the world… but it requires people to make the dream a reality.”

A question that the Disney Institute hears a lot is: How do you ensure everyone delivers on Walt’s vision?  The answer?  Empowerment at all levels, coupled with thorough equipping.  In other words, equip employees with the skills to complete day-to-day tasks, but more importantly, ensure Cast Members have a clear understanding of purpose and how each individual fits into the “big picture” of the organization.

How does Disney put this in to practice?  Incoming Cast Members attend training called Traditions, so they can see the big picture – their purpose – which is to create happiness. According to Disney, sharing their common purpose empowers each and every Cast Member to deliver great service to customers beginning on Day One.

What Disney is doing is putting into practice the third strategy in my book to re-engage employees: Create a Line of Sight.  When an employee can see a line of sight between what they do every day and the purpose of the organization, they are more productive, provide a better customer experience, and engage.

WHAT CAN I DO?  Review your New Hire Training to ensure it includes content about your organization’s Values, Mission and Purpose.  If all of your employees can see the big picture – your/their purpose – they will be empowered to act on it on Day One.  The Mouse House gets it.  Do you?